HE Atiku’s Policies
November 19, 2018

HE Atiku Abubakar to speak to the nation on Facebook on Monday 19th November at 12 noon

“My fellow Nigerians, today marks the start of the 2019 campaign for the election of the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Four years ago, Nigerians voted for change. Today, few are happy with the change they received. The economy contracts, millions of jobs are lost, poverty rises, businesses close, insecurity grows, women can no longer feed their families, farmers struggle, and students lose hope for the future.

Our campaign offers a simple message, united, the people of Nigeria can begin anew, creating a prosperous and secure future and a better life for every Nigerian.

Tomorrow, November 19th, the first working day of the campaign, I will put forward my plan to get Nigeria working again.

I have chosen to do this by speaking directly to the Nigerian people on Facebook Live. This medium came about as part of the telecommunications revolution that I helped start as Vice President in 1999-2007.

I have also chosen to speak online as it facilitates the ability for anyone to download a copy of my policy document at no cost, as I want this to be our policies, not just mine.

Our policy document focuses on creating jobs, ensuring security, growing business, developing power and water, and how we will work with farmers and students to develop our economy.and how we will empower women.

Our policies outline the goals and methods for developing and revitalizing Nigeria as the foundation of our campaign.

We launch this document to encourage a dialog with the people of Nigeria, inviting everyone to join us in helping to get Nigeria working again. .

I look forward to conducting vital discussions as I travel across the breadth of Nigeria, meeting and talking with my fellow citizens; farmers, small business people, workers, students, mothers, and children.

This will be a vigorous and hard fought election. I am completely confident with peaceful, free and fair elections, we will be victorious.

I believe that together we can get Nigeria working again.”

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